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Irnise Williams

Irnise is an experienced nurse and attorney, as well as a Change Management Expert, who uses the change management process to assess the goals of her clients who desire to build, operate and protect their businesses.

The Law Office of Irnise F. Williams, LLC


Please describe your nursing journey?

I started as a nurse fourteen years ago. Three years into my career, I went to law school so that I could have a greater impact on the healthcare industry. It took me over seven years after law school to figure out how to combine my legal and nursing degree and now I run a law firm full time.

What are the main challenges facing the nursing industry today?

A system that is struggling to recover from the pandemic, stagnant wages, and a limited pipeline of new nurses.


What are the key takeaways about your work that you would like to share?

Nursing is a diverse industry with a lot of opportunity if you leverage it right.

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