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Huddle with us

We are proud to show case your events that we host to bring and celebrate the community

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Spoke At

Spoke At

Ellevate Network

Miami Chapter

The Miami Chapter of Ellevate Network is invited you to a superb evening of great networking and compelling conversations around Web 3.0. 

Sharonda Davis RN, BSN and others helped discover what web 3.0 means, where growth opportunities exist for women, and how to get involved in this booming eco-system.

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Spoke At

Imperial Business Design Studio 

Imperial College, London

Anupa Dasgupta, Co founder Huddle Dao on how Huddle is juxtaposing their  community led approach with a human centered design process to build an empowering community for nurses.

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Virtual Reality & Healthcare with Rebecca Gill,RN

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Founder of VR Therapies

Rebecca Gill is a nurse and the founder of VR Therapies, the first social enterprise that provides VR therapy for children with special needs and adults with disabilities.  It was incredible to see how her center is using virtual reality to improve patient outcomes at our virtual session

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Huddle Dao's first in person event:The Future of Nursing

We had our first HUDDLE IRL on Sunday, July 31, 2022! A huge success, nurses and nursing students learned about Web3 and its potential to improve healthcare. There was an overwhelming response. It was such an inspiring experience for us all! Next time can't come soon enough.

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